Issue 113
(January/February 2012)

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Issue 113


Ashraph leads his 2010 band, Cobotown. Photograph by Georgia Popplewell

Last-minute mas

Judy Raymond watches artists Ashraph and Shalini Seereeram whip up a Cat in Bag Carnival band full of style and satire

Photograph of Negro Aroused, Manley’s iconic 1935 statue, Silver gelatin print, 24 x 19.6 cm, courtesy: Onyx Collection. Photograph by Denis Gick

The icon of an age

James Ferguson on the sculpture that was the start of Jamaica’s national collection of art

Vincent Chin. Photograph courtesy VP Records

VP Records – a VIP label

Garry Steckles tells the story of a driving force in Jamaican music

Rachel Price. Photograph courtesy Rachel Price

Rachel Price: it started in the kitchen

T&T comedian Rachel Price feeds Franka Philip macaroni pie and memories

Shurwayne Winchester. Photograph by

Music for the mas

The new music that is reflecting the region right now

A rare conch pearl is set in a gold “cup” to appear as if it is floating. Photograph courtesy the Goldsmitty

I got it at the Goldsmitty

Bridget van Dongen digs up a jewel of a store in Antigua

Detail of the Aron Kodesh (the Holy Ark), showing the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. Photograph by Roy Tijn

Paramaribo’s oasis of peace

Jonathan Ali on the European Jews who found refuge in Suriname four centuries ago

Taspo gives its first performance at the South Bank Exhibition in 1951, under Lt Griffith. Photograph by George Konig/Keystone Features/Getty Images

When steelband took London by storm

Kim Johnson explains the musical and social importance of Taspo, T&T’s first national steelband

Dawn on South Quay. Photograph by Abigail Hadeed

Trinidad All Stars: Fleet’s In

Photographer Abigail Hadeed follows All Stars, the oldest steelband in T&T, from its panyard in east Port of Spain

3Canal’s performance is streamed live on Carnival TV. Photograph courtesy Carnival TV

Monitoring the mas

Anywhere in the world, you can now watch T&T Carnival online. Desiree Seebaran on a pioneering project

Legacy – Flight – Designed by Mike Antoine. Photograph by Richard Cook

Bands of the year

Essiba Small previews the mas bands of T&T Carnival 2012

Fay-Ann Lyons. Photograph courtesy Fay-Ann Lyons

Fay-Ann Lyons: “Enjoy yourself and perform your heart out”

Soca star Fay-Ann Lyons tells Cedriann Martin how she balances family life and a Carnival career

Joel Chin. Photograph courtesy VP Records

Jamaica loses Joel Chin

David Katz on a tragic and shocking death

Soca artist Kees Dieffenthaller onstage at Island People’s fete, Trinidad, during Carnival 2011. Photograph by David Wears

Kees Dieffenthaller: bigger, better, crazier, sexier

Singer Kees Dieffenthaller tells Laura Dowrich-Phillips what his fans can expect for T&T Carnival this year

Rikki Jai. Photograph courtesy Rikki Jai

Rikki Jai: Chutney Soca Champion

Why does Rikki Jai, an affable, unassuming calypsonian, attract controversy? Sheila Rampersad explains

Montano and models showcase the costumes of K2K Alliance, a brand new Carnival band. Photograph by Marlon Rouse

Machel Montano: one more time

The master musician has new tricks up his sleeve for T&T Carnival 2012

Peter de Savary. Photograph by Joshua Yetman

Peter de Savary: smelling the nutmeg

British entrepreneur Peter de Savary is making major investments in Grenada. He told Lisa Allen-Agostini why

Cannons at Fort King George. Photograph by Donna Yawching

Tobago’s hidden history

In 300 years, this quiet little island changed hands 30 times. Donna Yawching chronicles its colourful past

Jab molassie blowing fire. Photograph by Abigail Hadeed

Happenings – January/February 2012

A round-up of current and coming events on the Caribbean calendar