Issue 108
(March/April 2011)

In this Issue:

Not just another manic Monday. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Happenings – March/April 2011

A round-up of current and coming events on the Caribbean calendar

The dramatic Art Deco architecture of South Beach. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Miami: SoBe Exciting

Salsa, speedboats and shopping: Mark Lyndersay flies in to south Florida

Randy Crawford. Photograph by Lionel Flusin

Red carpet for Randy Crawford

The headline act at this year’s Tobago Jazz is one of many treats in store. Nazma Muller sampled the musical menu

Photograph by Jonathan Ali

Paramaribo: rolling in the deep

After strolling through the charming city of Paramaribo, Jonathan Ali takes on the Suriname River as it flows through the rainforest

Brian MacFarlane. Photograph by Andrea DeSilva

The man Brian MacFarlane

Since 2005, he’s dominated Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival with what he calls “theatre mas” – costumes that are more than just bikinis and beads...

Machel Montano. Photograph by Elizabeth Montano

How Machel Montano is misunderstood

The former wild child of T&T Carnival is back. He explains to Laura Dowrich-Phillips his absence from the party circuit last year...

Roger Mooking. Photograph by publicity photographer Geoff George

Roger Mooking: his middle name is Multi-tasking

Trinidad-born Roger Mooking is in demand in Canada as a chef, TV host, singer-songwriter…Donna Yawching tries to count his talents

Chanting to the beat of drums, celebrants re-enact Canboulay. Photograph by Jeffrey Chock

Rituals of resistance: the Canboulay Riots re-enactment

Each year, with drums and fire, Trinidad re-enacts a struggle for emancipation. Ray Funk and Jeffrey Chock witness this renewed tradition

Music for the mas

Essiba Small surveys the soca scene for possible winners in the Road March race and on the party circuit for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival...

Jab Molassie (molasses devil), 1933. Photograph by Howard Nankivell, courtesy of Edmund Nankivell

Saving the picture history of pan

Invented in the streets of Port of Spain, the steelband now has a photo archive recognised in Unesco’s Memory of the World register

Patrick Parson. Photograph by Peter Stipcevich

Patrick Parson: soulful messiah of Ballet Creole

Patrick Parson brought Afro-Caribbean dance to Toronto two decades ago. He told Donna Yawching how he made history

Part of Grace Reef, a group of 16 figures based on one woman. Photograph courtesy Jason de Caires Taylor & the Grenada Board of Tourism

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Museum: something rich and strange

Melody Wren took the plunge and visited the world’s first underwater sculpture park, in Grenada

Lise Winer. Photograph by Marlon Rouse

Book Reviews (March/April 2011)

The new books that are reflecting the region right now

CD Reviews (March/April 2011)

The new music that are reflecting the region right now

Nothing’s taboo for Tanya Stephens

One of Garry Steckles’ favourite singers, Tanya Stephens tells it like it is

The real James Bond. Photograph by Jerry Freilich

The real James Bond

He spent many years living quietly in Jamaica, and his passion was birdwatching. James Ferguson explains how this innocuous gent became Agent 007

Trinidad doubles. Photograph by Shirley Bahadur

Breakfast is for champions

Franka Philip tucks into some winners, from a Caribbean variation on porridge to the Trini favourite, doubles

Norma Shirley’s smoked pork. Photograph by Rosemary Parkinson

An appetite for travel

Rosemary Parkinson cooks her way round the country in Nyam Jamaica. Bridget van Dongen followed hungrily in her footsteps

Trinidad Carnival Diary: Carnival 365 days a year

It’s a way of life for the anonymous Saucy Diva, whose blog at Trinidad Carnival Diary is wildly popular

Issue 108

Issue 108