“Our beach”: Antigua’s Ffryes Bay

For filmmakers Howard and Mitzi Allen, pristine Ffryes Bay on Antigua’s south coast is not just a location — it’s a retreat and a repository for memories

Ffryes Bay. Photograph by Allan Aflak

“We love the southern side of the island — what Antiguans call the ‘country’ side. We’ve been married for twenty-two years. Ffryes Bay is where we used to go when we were first dating — it was a part of our courtship. We think of it as our beach. We go there on special occasions, like our anniversary.

“There’s never usually anybody there, except on big public holidays. The water is pristine. It’s one of the few large beaches in Antigua without a hotel on it. A friend of ours, Denis, built his beach bar there, on the hill overlooking the bay, which makes it even nicer for us.

“His father was a fisherman, who went fishing and disappeared. Denis wanted his bar to be somewhere overlooking the sea. Now when we go to Ffryes, we visit the bar, have a drink, lime with Denis, then have a swim.”


Film and TV producers Howard and Mitzi Allen have been partners — in business, art, and life — for over two decades. Their production company HAMA, its name derived from their initials, is arguably the Eastern Caribbean’s most successful film outfit. Their popular 2001 romantic comedy The Sweetest Mango — based on the true story of the Allens’ falling in love — was the first feature-length film produced in Antigua. Their most recent film, The Skin, is a supernatural thriller starring the veteran Jamaican actor Carl Bradshaw. A new project, currently in production and scheduled to debut in late 2015, is set in southern Antigua, and features picturesque Ffryes Bay.


Caribbean Airlines operates regular flights to V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua from Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica, with connections to other destinations

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