The Battle of the Saintes

Rachel Rogers relives the greatest naval battle ever fought in the Caribbean.

Bookshelf (Summer 1994)

Bookshelf (Summer 1994)

New books about the Caribbean, new books from Caribbean authors.

Island Beat (Summer 1994)

Carnival in Antigua, art in St. Lucia, diving in Grenada, folk traditions in Tobago, jewellery in Trinidad, chess in Barbados, and much more.

Recording the Caribbean

Music is probably the Caribbean's biggest export. There is a flourishing recording industry in the region, with eyes in international stardom.

Bookshelf (Spring 1994)

Bookshelf (Spring 1994)

The best new and recent books about the Caribbean.

Dispensing the medicine: Kassav in action Guadeloupe. Photograph by Phillipe Giraud

Kassav: Doctor Zouk

The music of the French Caribbean has been sweeping the world, with the band Kassav in the forefront. Lorraine O'Connor traces their progress.

Annalee Davis: Betrayal (1993, acrylic, emulsion and watercolour, 131 x 100 cm). Photograph by Ron Griffith

Island Beat (Winter 1993)

A new transatlantic race for sailors, a new visitor attraction in Barbados, world championship golf in Jamaica, and Barbados artists shine at Carib Art.

Ian Thomson: Hooked on Haiti

Ian Thomson: Hooked on Haiti

Kathryn Topham meets Ian Thomson, the author of a new full-length book on one of the Caribbean's most intriguing countries - Haiti.

Photograph by Martha Watkins Gilkes

Dream Dives in the Caribbean

Martha Watkins Gilkes tours the Caribbean to discover the best dive sites.

CARICOM Must Develop Its Single Market

CARICOM Must Develop Its Single Market

David Renwick says the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) must speed up its plan for a single market and decide its future trading relationships..