Photograph © Ronan Liétar

Cayenne, French Guiana

Perched on the edge of South America, redolent with history, this outpost of French culture has a uniquely jaunty charm.

Market day

Market day

Across the Caribbean, the freshest produce, best bargains, and often the friendliest advice can still be found at traditional markets. Here are six worth exploring, ranging from Dominica to Curaçao to French Guiana.

Stephen Derek in the 1990s . Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Stephen Derek: the globetrotter

Stephen Derek: An apprentice of the great George Bailey, Derek has taken Trinidad Carnival around the world.

Illustration by James Hackett


Call it a taste for adventure, call it a masochistic whim — Simon Lee takes off for the island known as “hell in paradise”.

French Guiana’s Ariane Reaches for the Stars

Once the home of the notorious Devil's Island prison colony, French Guiana is now the nerve centre of the modern business..