1. Paintings by Baptiste Jonas on display in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo

Art in the open | Round trip

Year-round, across the Caribbean, you can experience art in the street, in public spaces, out in the open — no need to buy a museum ticket. Here are murals, monuments, and even an impromptu art gallery in Port-au-Prince.

Depositing bottles at Carib Glassworks. Photograph by Mark Wilson

Not just any old trash: recycling in the Caribbean

Not only does recycling have a positive impact on the environment, it can become a profitable business venture. Mark Wilson looks at some Caribbean businesses seeking to do both.

Chaguaramas is the largest yacht service centre in the Caribbean. Photograph courtesy CrewsInn

Chaguaramas: Welcome to Yatch City

In less than a decade, Chaguaramas has become the largest yacht service centre in the Caribbean. Jeremy Taylor explains why.

Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 2002)

Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 2002)

This month's reading picks.

Photograph by Jose Carlos Gonzalez

Baby John

In the Venezuelan town of Curiepe, the festival of San Juan brings flags, drumming, and processions.

Datebook (July/August 2000)

Here's news on the main events in July and August.

Photograph by Dri Castro

Los Roques: 50 shades of blue

Off the north coast of Venezuela, Los Roques is an archipelago of white sand cays surrounded by numerous shades of breathtaking blue sea.

Caracas Aerial Tramway. Photograph by Jose Carlos Gonzales

High rise over Caracas

Riding high over Caracas.

The Dancing Devils tradition is also found in other towns and villages in Venezuela, but Yare is the best known. Photograph by Mauricio Plaza

Mauricio Plaza: dance with the devils

Photographer Mauricio Plaza shares images of the Dancing Devils of Yare, a Venezuelan Corpus Christi tradition since the sixteenth century .

The museum on Angostura’s compound, detailing the history of the organisation and its most famous product. Photograph by David Wears

JGB Siegert: a taste for adventure

Judy Raymond traces the long and exciting journey of Angostura bitters’ inventor Dr JGB Siegert, from the battlefield of Waterloo to the rainforests.