Hurricane Harold helps out

When Trinidadian-Canadian Harold Hosein visited Cuba in 2002, he noticed how many people were riding 50-year-old bicycles....

Laptop, mike, iPod- ready to go live. Photograph by Graeme Ottley/ Fotograe

Music Buzz ( May/June 2005)

New music from the Caribbean.

Photograph courtesy Richard Costas


Richard Costas on the consequences of telecom sector liberalisation and the explosion of mobile phone sales in the Caribbean.

Beat bytes: World Wide Wine-down-de-place

Beat bytes: World Wide Wine-down-de-place

Michael Goodwin prepares us for Trinidad and Tobago's carnival via popular websites.

Black glass wine and utility bottles dominated the 1700s, though some houses devised recipes for new colours. These specimens come from Guyana. Front row from left: Dutch mini “lady’s leg”, also called a “long neck”; small Belgian thin-walled flask, c1700; Dutch utility bottle, also called a “snuff”, late 1700s. Back row: two standard Dutch “lady‘s legs”. Photograph by Eric Young

Beauty in a bottle

What’s so fascinating about old bottles? Roxan Kinas explains the charms of these fragile artifacts.

All Business

A collection of Caribbean business websites for anyone searching for commercial contacts within the region.

It’s Playback Time

New technology scans old LPs and comes up with new sound. Vaneisa Baksh is already digging out her old albums.

Who Put the Pepper in the Vaseline?

Ever had a yearning for Pomacanthus paru or a Chaetodon striatus? .


The Caribbean online. .

Solar Power: Oliver’s Sun Traps

Barbados' Oliver Headley has dedicated a lifetime to developing viable applications of solar energy.