Illustration by James Hackett

A bank in your pocket, Haitian style

Ten per cent of Haitians have bank accounts, but eighty per cent have mobile phones. Enter a new mobile banking system.

Netwatch: Caribbean Callaloo

The Caribbean on the net.

Illustration by Darren Cheewah

A tweet in need

Online social media aren’t just for swapping jokes and trivia. When disaster hits, Caroline Taylor explains, they are crucial communication tools.

Caribbean memes: meme what you say and say what you meme

Caribbean memes: meme what you say and say what you meme

Internet memes offer idle entertainment, but Janine Mendes-Franco suggests they can also give serious social commentary.

Patrice Grell Yursik. Photograph by Krystle Rowry

A blog called Afrobella

Born in T&T, Patrice Grell Yursik is on Ebony magazine’s Power 100 list because in 2006 she began writing about beauty, she told Kari Cobham.

3Canal’s performance is streamed live on Carnival TV. Photograph courtesy Carnival TV

Monitoring the mas

Anywhere in the world, you can now watch T&T Carnival online. Desiree Seebaran on a pioneering project.

A guide points out the nose of the plane during the light show. Photograph courtesy the Barbados Tourism Authority

Where the jet set sat

Barbados is now the habitat of a giant flightless bird – the Concorde. Ian Stalker went on board this iconic supersonic plane.

A newly hatched hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) pauses as it makes its way to the sea, Mt Irvine Back Bay, Tobago. Photograph courtesy G Lalsingh/SOS Tobago

SOS: Saving Tobago’s turtles

Caroline Taylor charts one group’s efforts to protect these majestic, endangered creatures.

Trinidad Carnival Diary: Carnival 365 days a year

Trinidad Carnival Diary: Carnival 365 days a year

It’s a way of life for the anonymous Saucy Diva, whose blog at Trinidad Carnival Diary is wildly popular.

Bevil Wooding, Chief Knowledge Officer of Congress WBN. Photograph by

Bevil Wooding: casting the internet wider

Bevil Wooding of Trinidad & Tobago is one of only seven people worldwide who hold keys to the Internet. He tells Gerard Best what he really wants .