The lookout at Speyside. Photograph by David Wears


Tobago is a paradise for those whose only ambition is to chill on a beach 24/7. But it’s also a haven for fans of the active lifestyle. Georgia Popplewell finds herself torn between extremes on Trinidad’s sister isle.

Fr Gerry Pantin with Sr Ruth Montrichard. Photograph by Roberta Pankin, courtesy SERVOL

SERVOL: A miracle a day

During the 1970 upheaval in Trinidad, a Catholic priest and a West Indian cricketer ventured into dangerous territory to try to understand the source of frustration amoung urban youth. The organisation that eventually grew out of those trips has changed countless lives and won widespread acclaim. Donna Yawching explains.

Thick cloud shrouds the summit of Mt Pelée. Photograph by Catriona Davidson

St Pierre: mountain of death

Once, St Pierre was a centre of French elegance and pleasure, the pride of the French Caribbean, “the Paris of the Antilles”. But one morning the mountain behind the town blew apart, wiping out the town and killing almost all its 30,000 people. James Ferguson revisits the volcano, exactly 100 years on.

Sandra Dean: Rethinking Education

How does the sheltered daughter of a suburban community in Trinidad come to be one of the most decorated principals in Canada? .

Amerindian Guyana

Guyana’s original settlers — the Amerindians — are struggling with the intrusions of the modern world. Janette Forte looks at their dilemma.

Christopher’s Legacy: Codrington College

Codrington College in Barbados celebrates its 250th anniversary this year, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in the Caribbean.

Behind God’s Back: Matelot, Trinidad

Niala Maharaj in an isolated Caribbean village - Matelot in Trinidad - that has learned how to help itself.

Aimé Césaire: Reaching For Freedom

Caroline Popovic profiles one of the Caribbean's most influential writers and politicians, Aimé Césaire of Martinique.

Classic New York: Manhattan skyline. Photograph by Harold Prieto

Taking Over Manhattan

Doreen Taylor-Wilkie seeks out some of the communities - not least from the Caribbean - which make up New York's cosmopolitan population.

A Place of Our Own: the University of the West Indies (UWI)

Founded 45 years ago, the University of the West Indies is one of the Caribbean's truly regional institutions – and is desperately raising funds.