Akilah Jaramogi, managing director of FACRP. Photograph by Skye Hernandez

Fondes Amandes, Trinidad: It takes a village

A small reforestation project in the Trinidadian village of Fondes Amandes has become an exemplar for grassroots conservation..

Photograph by Leah Gordon

Haiti’s Jacmel: Can’t stop the Kanaval

Haiti’s Jacmel Kanaval is gritty, bold — and alive.

Illustration by Darren Cheewah

A tweet in need

Online social media aren’t just for swapping jokes and trivia. When disaster hits, Caroline Taylor explains, they are crucial communication tools.

The four ducklings as they were discovered covered in oil. Photograph by Martha Watkins-Gilkes

Martha Watkins-Gilkes: a tale of two ducklings

Bridget van Dongen discovers how a duckling rescue in Antigua helped make a community safer for wildlife.

Daren Ganga, at left, and his foundation's scholarship winners tour the Pointe-à-Pierre Wildfowl Trust in south Trinidad. Photograph by Daren Ganga Foundation

Darren Ganga: Coaching for cricketing talent

Lisa Allen-Agostini finds out how the Daren Ganga foundation is making a difference, and not just for budding sportsmen.

Caribbean memes: meme what you say and say what you meme

Caribbean memes: meme what you say and say what you meme

Internet memes offer idle entertainment, but Janine Mendes-Franco suggests they can also give serious social commentary.

Southwest Cay, Pedro Bank. Photograph courtesy the Nature Conservancy

Guardians of the sea: Jamaica’s Nature Conservancy

With Jamaica’s main fishing grounds under increasing pressure, the Nature Conservancy is changing the way fishermen think about sea resources.

George Simon on site at the Berbice Mounds excavation. Photograph courtesy George Simon

George Simon: in search of lost time

Guyanese artist and archaeologist George Simon’s recent find in the Berbice Mounds may rewrite the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

The holes in history

Anita Sethi went to Guyana to find out more about her family — and found that the most meaningful history isn’t always in the archives.

Photograph courtesy ALTA

Paula Lucie-Smith: the Right to Read

Lisa Allen-Agostini meets Paula Lucie-Smith, the founder of the Adult Literacy Tutors Association.