Jasmine wears her own The Conversation (sterling silver, 18ct, carved). Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

The Jewels of Jasmine Thomas-Girvan

A Jamaican childhood, a penchant for collecting and a love of small things all shaped the career of jewellery designer Jasmine Thomas- Girvan. Mariel Brown reports.

Wendy from the West Indies: Trinidad’s Wendy Fitzwilliam

Wendy Fitzwilliam, Miss Universe 1998, talks to Pat Ganase about life, the universe and everything. .

Island Beat (May/June 1996)

People and events making news around the islands.

Frank Taylor: Mummy, one of the eggs drop an' brek (1985, Barbados Gallery of Art). Photograph courtesy Norma Talma

Island Beat (January/February 1996)

Events people in the news around the islands .

Photograph by Ranji Ganase

Island Beat (November/December 1995)

Events and people in the news around the islands .

The new Gran Courland resort on the west coast of Tobago. Photograph by Gran Courland

Island Beat (Autumn 1995)

Events and people in the news around the islands .

Laramania: players form a triumphal arch after Brian Lara's record breaking Antigua innings. Photograph by Allan Aflak

Island Beat (Autumn 1994)

The adventures of Brian Lara, Caribbean bobsledders at the Olympics, a new suspense movie, new ways to explore Barbados, a new horse-racing track....

Island Beat (Summer 1994)

Carnival in Antigua, art in St. Lucia, diving in Grenada, folk traditions in Tobago, jewellery in Trinidad, chess in Barbados, and much more.

Annalee Davis: Betrayal (1993, acrylic, emulsion and watercolour, 131 x 100 cm). Photograph by Ron Griffith

Island Beat (Winter 1993)

A new transatlantic race for sailors, a new visitor attraction in Barbados, world championship golf in Jamaica, and Barbados artists shine at Carib Art.