Contributor: Skye Hernandez

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An Amerindian boy gets ready to jump into the rapids on the Essequibo River, near Fair View village. Photograph by Skye Hernandez

Jungle fever: discover Iwokrama

Issue 91 (May/June 2008) | 0 comments
Skye Hernandez treks through Guyana’s Iwokrama forest, where she discovers a new kind of mosquito repellant and hears the growl of a jaguar…or so sh

Akilah Jaramogi, managing director of FACRP. Photograph by Skye Hernandez

Fondes Amandes, Trinidad: It takes a village

Issue 120 (March/April 2013) | 0 comments
A small reforestation project in the Trinidadian village of Fondes Amandes has become an exemplar for grassroots conservation.

Destination Focus: Grenada

Issue 1 (Spring 1992) | 0 comments
Grenada is a perfect Caribbean destination, with all that a visitor can hope for and much more to be discovered

Skye Hernandez. Photograph courtesy Skye Hernandez

On the Beat: Skye Hernandez on Beat’s 20th anniversary

Issue 114 (March/April 2012) | 0 comments
As Caribbean Beat celebrates 20 years of publication, former editor Skye Hernandez pays tribute to the magazine

Dutch battleships. Photograph by Oceans Discovery Archive

Battleground Tobago: Raising ghosts from a watery grave

Issue 114 (March/April 2012) | 0 comments
A bloody sea battle off Tobago is being re-enacted for a TV docudrama. Skye Hernandez on how this gripping tale resurfaced

Tabbouli is an Arabic salad, made with chopped parsley, bulgur, mint, tomatoes, onions, and other seasonings. Photograph by Andrea De Silva. All dishes prepared by Lawrence of Arabia, Trinidad

Feast from the East

Issue 102 (March/April 2010) | 1 comment
The culinary traditions of the Caribbean’s Syrian-Lebanese community crossed the Atlantic with them a century ago...

Moises Jonas. Photograph by Ariann Thompson

Moises Jonas: the art of disaster relief

Issue 104 (July/August 2010) | 0 comments
Gallery owner Moises Jonas’ homeland of Haiti was devastated by January’s massive earthquake. Skye Hernandez heard what he’s doing to help

Derek Walcott’s Nobel Works

Issue 5 (Spring 1993) | 0 comments
In a special tribute to the 1992 Nobel laureate for literature, Jeremy Taylor, Raoul Pantin, Pat Ismond, and Skye Hernandez look back at Derek Walcott's career

Photograph by Noel Norton

Caribbean Christmas

Issue 22 (November/December 1996) | 0 comments
Christmas is a big celebration in all the Caribbean islands, with plenty of partying, visiting and festivity. But each island celebrates uniquely

Photograph by Mike Toy

Easy In The Islands

Issue 63 (September/October 2003) | 0 comments
Near the southern end of the Caribbean archipelago, St Vincent, Grenada, and the dozens of tiny Grenadine Islands between them are close enough to be covered in a single trip, yet they are divided into two nations, and offer a pleasing variety of experiences. Skye Hernandez starts in St Vincent and works her way south, savouring these islands' relaxing flavours