Contributor: Polly Pattullo

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Yellow heliconia at Under the Pipe. Photograph by Mary Walters

Gardening in the tropics

Issue 83 (January/February 2007) | 0 comments
Looking at her one-acre garden in Dominica, Polly Patullo muses over the links between landscape, memory, and desire

Turning Green: St. Lucia’s Llewellyn Xavier

Issue 2 (Summer 1992) | 0 comments
St Lucian artist Llewellyn Xavier is using his painting to dramatise environmental problems, and has found an ingenious way of doing it

Phyllis Alfrey: The Art of Living Together

Issue 6 (Summer 1993) | 0 comments
Polly Pattullo looks back at the achievement of Dominica's writer-politician, Phyllis Alfrey

On location in Dominica. Photograph by Sarah Quill

Horace Ové: Coming Home

Issue 10 (Summer 1994) | 0 comments
A boost for the Caribbean film industry? Film director Horace Ové is returning to the Caribbean after many years working in Britain

Montserrat: Mountains of Ash

Issue 32 (July/August 1998) | 0 comments
Plymouth and Montserrat after the Soufrière Hills volcano

Off the Beaten Track: Macuro, Trinidad

Issue 33 (September/October 1998) | 0 comments
The village of Macuro in Trinidad, a two-and-a-half-hour boat ride from Guiria