Contributor: Peter Rickwood

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Last captive Sisserou held in the aviary of the Botanical Gardens, Roseau. Photograph by Paul Reillo/RSCF

Saving the Sisserou

Issue 44 (July/August 2000) | 0 comments
Dominica's Sisserou seems to a relic from an earlier time: it doesn't quite look, or behave, like the parrots people in the Caribbean often see squawking across the sky on evenings - and, unlike its cousins, the Sisserou is endangered. But the Sisserou has some good friends who have found a way to help save this remarkable bird. Peter Rickwood explains

Back from the brink: the St. Lucia parrot

Requiem for the Monk Seal

Issue 4 (Winter 1992) | 0 comments
Some animal speceis have disappeared from the Caribbean forever. But others are being saved.

Little Tobago: Counting the Birds of Paradise

Issue 24 (March/April 1997) | 0 comments
The quarry has long since flown away, but scientists are still looking for it

The Windward Side

Issue 26 (July/August 1997) | 0 comments
Peter Rickwood joins a former Norwegian coastal ferry that now carries passengers and goods along the island chain from Venezuela to St. Lucia