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June too soon!

Issue 49 (May/June 2001) | 0 comments
Between June and November, storms and hurricanes are possible, Fortunately, weather disturbances are tracked from the moment they are born these days, giving everyone not only ample time to prepare, but also providing a wonderful opportunity to observe one of Nature's forces unleashed

Puerto Rican pavilion (model)

The Year of Seville

Issue 1 (Spring 1992) | 0 comments
Pat Ganase previews a year of frantic activity as Spain and the New World set about celebrating the anniversary of their first contacts

Bookshelf (July/August 2000)

Issue 44 (July/August 2000) | 0 comments
New and recent books about the Caribbean

Damaged boats, one month after Ivan. Photograph by Roberta Parkin


Issue 71 (January/February 2005) | 0 comments
Hurricane Ivan tore through the Caribbean in September 2004. Its first and hardest hit target was Grenada. But just four months later, the recovery is well underway

Lord of the Dance: Peter Minshall

Issue 3 (Autumn 1992) | 0 comments
'Masman' Peter Minshall took the revolutionary techniques of his Trinidad Carnival bands to the opening of the Olympics

Trinidad Mas: Carnival of the World

Issue 12 (Winter 1994) | 0 comments
More than a hundred cities and countries around the world now stage Trinidad-style Carnivals

Island Beat (September/October 1996)

Issue 21 (September/October 1996) | 0 comments
News from around the islands

Skywatching in Tobago

Issue 22 (November/December 1996) | 0 comments
People who spend time there find something very special in its atmosphere and way of life, something peaceful and serene...

Cinema Paradiso

Issue 22 (November/December 1996) | 0 comments
Interactive film? You must be joking. The Caribbean has had that for years. Just go to the cinema in Trinidad and Tobago, for instance

Photograph by Sean Drakes

Trinidad Carnival: The People’s Party

Issue 23 (January/February 1997) | 0 comments
Pat Ganase on Trinidad's Carnival (and why you should be there)