Contributor: O’Leo LoKai

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Love Buzz (January/ February 2004)

Issue 65 (January/February 2004) | 0 comments
O'Leo LoKai shares a few ways to attract love

Photograph courtesy Tattoo Farm/ Alex Smailes

Pictures Made Flesh

Issue 62 (July/August 2003) | 0 comments
Tattooing has been around for centuries, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the art. Today, more men and women than ever choose to express themselves through these permanent symbols on their flesh. The many cultures of the Caribbean contribute to a rich store of tattoo iconography. O'Leo LoKai explores this bodily art, and gets his own tattoo along the way

Remembrance of friends past

Issue 64 (November/December 2003) | 0 comments
French Catholic ceremonies for honouring departed loved ones on All Souls’ Day survive on many Caribbean islands.