Contributor: Niala Maharaj

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Illustrations by Christopher Cozier

A Roti to Die For

Issue 44 (July/August 2000) | 0 comments
The life and times of a Trinidadian invention. Niala Maharaj goes in search of the World's Greatest Roti-Shop

New Wave: Alecia McKenzie

Issue 11 (Autumn 1994) | 0 comments
Jamaican journalist Alecia McKenzie, based in Europe, made waves with her first collection of short stories

Behind God’s Back: Matelot, Trinidad

Issue 13 (Spring 1995) | 0 comments
Niala Maharaj in an isolated Caribbean village - Matelot in Trinidad - that has learned how to help itself

Trinidad’s Temple in the Sea

Issue 18 (March/April 1996) | 1 comment
Niala Maharaj tells the story of a man who was determined to build a temple despite every obstacle thrown his way

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Going Ramayn in Trinidad

Issue 42 (March/April 2000) | 0 comments
Niala Maharaj on a traditional Trinidad therapy - the musical rendition of a sacred Hindu test, the Ramayana