Contributor: Natasha Ramnauth

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Phagwa: the colours of spring

Issue 66 (March/April 2004) | 0 comments
Growing up in a small east Trinidad village, Natasha Ramnauth wasn’t allowed to join Phagwa celebrations. Maybe this year she’ll finally experience the colourful Hindu festival

Photograph by Jamie Thomas

Lady Of The Blue and Gold

Issue 62 (July/August 2003) | 0 comments
In the late 1960s the blue-and-yellow macaws disappeared from Trinidad’s Nariva Swamp, victims of poaching and illegal rice farming. Then Bernadette Coutain-Plair made up her mind to bring these magnificent birds back to their native habitat. Natasha Ramnauth is inspired by the story of the "Macaw Lady"

Photograph by Bruce Paddington

Keeping the faith: Ramleela in Trinidad

Issue 63 (September/October 2003) | 0 comments
Every year, in the weeks leading up to Divali, Trinidad's Hindu communities perform elaborate re-enactments of the Ramayana. Natasha Ramnauth remembers seeing Ramleela as a child, and explains the spiritual significance of this gripping tale of love, war, and the triumph of good over evil