Contributor: Kellie Magnus

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Akino Lindsay: superhero moves | The game

Issue 149 (January/February 2018) | 0 comments
Inspired since childhood by the Power Rangers TV show, Jamaican taekwondo champ Akino Lindsay uses martial arts to change his life and inspire other young people in Kingston’s toughest communities, writes Kellie Magnus

Put me in the picture

Issue 136 (November/December 2015) | 2 comments
Do young Caribbean readers see themselves in their story- and schoolbooks? There’s long been a shortage of books published specifically for Caribbean children, but a new generation of writers is changing that. Kellie Magnus explains why this development is so important, and suggests where Caribbean parents can find the best literature for their youngsters

Word of mouth (March/April 2015)

Issue 132 (March/April 2015) | 0 comments
The politics behind Trinidad’s Good Friday bobolees, Guyana’s Rupununi Rodeo, and the wrongs and rights of Jamaica Carnival

The reasoning is the seasoning

Issue 131 (January/February 2015) | 1 comment
There’s a movement afoot on the Jamaican culinary scene, bringing once-peripheral vegan and raw food lifestyles into the mainstream. It’s about bodily health, Kellie Magnus discovers, but it’s also about taste — and about the soul

Jamaican art: open house

Issue 130 (November/December 2014) | 0 comments
Founded forty years ago, the National Gallery of Jamaica has long taken a leading role in the country’s art scene. Now innovative new programmes are attracting a broader audience, Kellie Magnus discovers. Meanwhile, the new art space NLS is opening doors for younger artists

Up next in Jamaican music

Issue 80 (July/August 2006) | 0 comments
Kellie Magnus asks some of the biggest movers and shakers on the Jamaican music scene to name the up-and-comers most likely to take the world by storm

Rocking to a different beat

Issue 79 (May/June 2006) | 0 comments
In the island of reggae, an alternative music scene thrives outside the spotlight

Sole sister: Bridget Brown

Issue 79 (May/June 2006) | 0 comments
Bridget Brown’s strappy, happy sandals are the joy of Jamaica’s fashionistas

Share and share alike

Issue 79 (May/June 2006) | 0 comments
Kellie Magnus can’t understand “plate-sharing” — until she’s on the receiving end

Running commentary

Issue 78 (March/April 2006) | 0 comments
Kellie Magnus used to run with headphones on. Back in Jamaica, she discovers a whole new soundtrack