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Marie-Elena John. Photograph courtesy Amstad

Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 2006)

Issue 82 (November/December 2006) | 0 comments
Marie-Elena John’s debut novel Unburnable, and the glamorous photographs of adopted Tobagonian Norman Parkinson

Unterrified consciousness

News & Online Exclusives | 0 comments
Jane Bryce on It Falls into Place, by Phyllis Shand Allfrey

Transmuting the ordinary to other

News & Online Exclusives | 0 comments
Jane Bryce on From Silence to Silence, by Ian McDonald

"Yarico" and "Inkle" fall in love. Photograph by Corrie Scott/ Holders Season

Yarico: Staging slavery in 1999

Issue 40 (November/December 1999) | 0 comments
Jane Bryce on the musical production that tackles a subject usually avoided in Barbados- slavery

Peter Abrahams: The View From Coyaba

Issue 61 (May/June 2003) | 4 comments
Born in South Africa, the celebrated novelist Peter Abrahams has lived in Jamaica for over 40 years, bringing his unique historical perspective to bear on the culture and society of his adopted homeland. Jane Bryce reads Abrahams's memoir, The Coyaba Chronicles, and reflects on a life at the centre of the 20th century's great questions.