Contributor: Erline Andrews

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Johanan Dujon — seaweed for sale | The deal

Issue 149 (January/February 2018) | 0 comments
For St Lucian Johanan Dujon, sargassum-covered beaches are’t just a problem — they’re an opportunity. As Erline Andrews learns, Dujon has his eye on a regional market for his Algas Organics line of fertilisers

Redonda rescue — saving its native species | Green

Issue 147 (September/October 2017) | 0 comments
Tiny Redonda, with its steep and barren cliffs, is home to colonies of seabirds, rare lizards found nowhere else — and, until recently, hordes of invasive goats and rats. But a new restoration project aims to return Redonda to its original inhabitants. Erline Andrews learns more

The energy of the future: renewables in the Caribbean | Green

Issue 146 (July/August 2017) | 0 comments
Year-round sunshine, endless breezes, gushing rivers: most Caribbean countries have ample natural resources to harness renewable energy. So why is the region so dependent on fossil fuels? Erline Andrews investigates

Caribbean Airlines turns ten

Issue 143 (January/February 2017) | 0 comments
Marking a decade of sharing the warmth of the islands, with the Caribbean’s favourite airline. Learn about anniversary plans, meet some star CAL employees, and more

Caribbean “farmer-preneurs” — back to the land

Issue 142 (November/December 2016) | 0 comments
Agriculture is an essential industry — how else do we feed ourselves? — but traditionally has been considered back-breaking, thankless, old-fashioned work. That’s starting to change, Erline Andrews reports, as a new generation of young Caribbean “farmer-preneurs” adopt the latest technological advances in one of human-kind’s oldest activities

Patient or tourist? Medical tourism in the Caribbean

Issue 140 (July/August 2016) | 0 comments
As Caribbean countries seek to diversify their tourism industries, medical tourism — aimed at people who travel for treatment — should be on the agenda. Erline Andrews investigates

Niven Narain: smarter medicine

Issue 137 (January/February 2016) | 0 comments
The tragic death of his grandmother inspired Niven Narain’s career in cutting-edge cancer research. Erline Andrews learns how the Guyanese-American scientist is pioneering the use of artificial intellignce to create better, cheaper drugs for all

The Cuba strategy

Issue 136 (November/December 2015) | 0 comments
Cuba is already the Caribbean’s second biggest tourism destination, by visitor numbers. As the US government relaxes its decades-old restrictions on travel to Cuba, what happens to tourism in the rest of the region? How are other islands preparing? Erline Andrews finds out

Kathryn Cleghorn and Animals Alive: dogs’ best friend

Issue 134 (July/August 2015) | 0 comments
For Kathryn Cleghorn, Animals Alive — possibly the largest no-kill dog shelter in the Caribbean — is a genuine labour of love. Erline Andrews learns more

Another giant leap: Camille Wardrop-Alleyne

Issue 133 (May/June 2015) | 2 comments
When a three-year-old Camille Wardrop Alleyne watched the 1969 Moon landing on TV, she couldn’t have imagined she’d one day be part of the exploration of outer space. As a NASA scientist, she now helps run the International Space Station. And her second passion, as Erline Andrews discovers, is the campaign to get more young people — especially girls — into the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math