Contributor: Debbie Jacob

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Upbeat (May/June 2000)

Issue 43 (May/June 2000) | 0 comments
A round up of recent Caribbean music — and a tribute to the late Lord Kitchener

One of the babies born using IVF treatment. Photograph courtesy the Barbados Fertility Clinic

The Barbados Fertility Clinic: a vacation that really delivers

Issue 107 (January/February 2011) | 0 comments
Sun, sea, sand – and fertility treatments. Debbie Jacob looks at the medical tourism offered in Barbados

Ras Shorty in 1991. Photograph courtesy the Trinidad Express

What calypso means to the Caribbean

Issue 107 (January/February 2011) | 1 comment
Visitors are often entertained with these clever, cheerful folk tunes, but calypso is so much more than that. Debbie Jacob talked to two experts

John Paul Jones. Photograph by Time Life Pictures/Getty images

John Paul Jones: turning point in Tobago

Issue 99 (September/October 2009) | 0 comments
John Paul Jones was a pirate and a murderer — who became a hero of the American Revolution. Debbie Jacob dug up the story of how his fortunes changed

Ray Funk at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, surrounded by examples of traditional wild Indian mas. Photograph by Andrea De Silva

Ray Funk: bringing the culture home

Issue 96 (March/April 2009) | 0 comments
Ray Funk is part Sherlock Holmes and part Santa Claus. An expert on pan and calypso, this Alaskan judge combs the Internet in search of valuable info

Cedella Booker. Photograph by Hope Road Music/Adrian Boot

Cedella Booker: mother of a legend

Issue 93 (September/October 2008) | 1 comment
He inherited her musical talent and her indomitable spirit to become the first Third World superstar. Debbie Jacob looks back at the interwoven live

David Rudder. Photograph by Robert Taylor

Is calypso dying?

Issue 89 (January/February 2008) | 0 comments
Once upon a time calypso tents in Trinidad drew massive crowds. These days, some have closed their doors and others are struggling to survive

Campaigning in St Vincent, 1984. Photograph courtesy Macmillan Caribbean

Bookshelf (September/October 2007)

Issue 87 (September/October 2007) | 0 comments
Beyond the Islands: An Autobiography is a colourful journey into the life of former St Vincent prime minister James Mitchell

Fitzgerald Henry, better known as the Mighty Terror, the man with the golden voice. Photograph by Caldeo Sookram

The Might Terror: a golden voice falls silent

Issue 86 (July/August 2007) | 0 comments
The Mighty Terror, hailed for his golden voice, is remembered for his contribution to calypso

Upbeat (November/December 1995)

Issue 16 (November/December 1995) | 0 comments
The latest in Caribbean music- reggae, calypso, soca, pan