Contributor: Caroline Taylor

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Winston Duke: “I’m unfinished” | Own words

Issue 149 (January/February 2018) | 0 comments
Tobago-born actor Winston Duke, appearing in the eagerly awaited Black Panther movie, on his love of stories and magical realism, how his village childhood shaped his ethos, and his love of soca music — as told to Caroline Taylor

Word of mouth (July/August 2017)

Issue 146 (July/August 2017) | 0 comments
The charms of “August holidays” by the beach, a new film from Trinidad & Tobago ("The Cutlass") goes international, and Grenada’s Spicemas keeps the spirit of the Jab Jab alive

Tobago therapy

Issue 143 (January/February 2017) | 0 comments
If your Carnival plan involves a quiet getaway from the heat and the action, Tobago might be just the place you’re looking for. Caroline Taylor suggests all the ways Trinidad’s tranquil sister isle can soothe your spirit

Caribbean Hollywood: 40+ actors of Caribbean heritage

Issue 133 (May/June 2015) | 0 comments
Caribbean actors have been lighting up Hollywood screens for decades — even if you don’t recognise their accents. Caroline Taylor looks back at the first generation of Caribbean movie and TV stars, and profiles some of today’s headliners who can claim Caribbean roots

One of Robert Young’s creations from his design label, The Cloth, at Guyana Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy Guyana Fashion Week/Donn Thompson

Happenings (November/December 2010)

Issue 105 (September/October 2010) | 0 comments
A round-up of current and coming events on the Caribbean calendar

Gregory Gill of Barbados watches his partner Elwyn Oxley spike as Philippe Pignol of Guadeloupe attempts to block in the final. Photograph courtesy Leisure Entertainment

Happenings (September/October 2009)

Issue 99 (September/October 2009) | 0 comments
A round-up of current events on the Caribbean calendar

Lorraine Toussaint, left, as Captain Kate Perry with her co-stars Holly Hunter and Kenneth Johnson in the squad room. Photograph courtesy TNT/Erik Heinila

Lorraine Toussaint: ‘acting has always been like breathing’

Issue 91 (May/June 2008) | 0 comments
Trinidad-born, US-based actress Lorraine Toussaint opens up to Caroline Taylor about her illustrious career on stage and screen

Dreya Webber, background, and Addie Yungmee, Foreground, are the two main actresses in The Gymnast. Photograph courtesy The Gymnast/Mike Carp

Love after love

Issue 91 (May/June 2008) | 0 comments
Caroline Taylor previews a controversial film festival in Guyana, Painting the Spectrum: A Celebration of Love

Staceyann Chin. Photograph courtesy Staceyann Chin

Staceyann Chin: “I have walked long hard roads to get here”

Issue 90 (March/April 2008) | 0 comments
Jamaican poet Staceyann Chin tells Caroline Taylor about her harrowing journey to fame

Jean-Ralph Thurin. Photograph courtesy Jean-Ralph Thurin

Jean-Ralph Thurin: high fashion from Haiti

Issue 90 (March/April 2008) | 0 comments
Caroline Taylor visits Jean-Ralph Thurin’s high-fashion bridal salon in New Jersey, where the Haitian designer brings his dreams to life