Contributor: Bruce Paddington

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Issue 70 (November/December 2004) | 1 comment
It’s agreed to be a landmark in Caribbean cinema, maybe the best film ever made in Trinidad and Tobago. It's now 30 years since the release of BIM...

Isaiah James Boodhoo: Artist and Gentleman

Issue 67 (May/June 2004) | 0 comments
Trinidadian artist and Caribbean Beat contributor Isaiah James Boodhoo, 1932–2004, remembered by Bruce Paddington

Euzhan Palcy: Making Waves

Issue 1 (Spring 1992) | 0 comments
Martiniquan filmmaker Euzhan Palcy directed Marlon Brando and Donald Sutherland in A Dry White Season: what's next?

Cuban film poster

Where have all the Caribbean movies gone?

Issue 4 (Winter 1992) | 0 comments
The Caribbean has a thriving film industry – but it's struggling to make itself heard and seen

Isaiah James Boodhoo: Poet of the Plains

Issue 6 (Summer 1993) | 0 comments
Boodhoo doesn't paint single pictures: he produces a series at a time, on anything from Derek Walcott's poems to the life of Trinidad's Caroni plains

Martin Carter: The Poems Man

Issue 13 (Spring 1995) | 1 comment
Guyana's great poet Martin Carter has been a political prisoner and a government minister. Bruce Paddington tells his story

Frances Anne Solomon: Beating the System

Issue 36 (March/April 1999) | 0 comments
Bruce Paddington on the career of young Caribbean film-maker Frances Anne Solomon

Rex Dixon: Surprising Himself

Issue 64 (November/December 2003) | 1 comment
Painter Rex Dixon grew up in grey, post-war London, and taught for years in strife-torn Belfast, but in 1985 a series of lucky events brought him to the Caribbean. First in Jamaica, and more recently in Trinidad, he has absorbed images and ideas from the everyday life of the islands into his idiosyncratic abstract expression of style. Bruce Paddington encounters Dixon's richly puzzling paintings and investigates the role of serendipity in his life and work