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Illustration by Wendy Nanan

Cricket 101: What on earth are they talking about?

Issue 54 (March/April 2002) | 0 comments
Can you tell a fine leg from a silly mid-off? Maybe BC Pires can help. Or maybe not

How could you resist? Photograph by Marlon Rouse

Food without frills

Issue 53 (January/February 2002) | 0 comments
The Breakfast Shed at the Port of Spain dock: cheap, tasty meals. BC Pires tells us more

Bacchanal Women. Photograph by Sean Drakes/Blue Mango

Trinidad Carnival is…

Issue 53 (January/February 2002) | 0 comments
BC Pires picks some of his favourite things about Trinidad Carnival

Word of mouth (November/December 2014)

Issue 130 (November/December 2014) | 0 comments
2014’s hottest Caribbean novel, Caribbean artists on show in Santa Fe, and a celebration of food and drink in Barbados

Illustration by James Hackett

Deep, backward, short and silly

Issue 84 (March/April 2007) | 0 comments
Do cricket terms confuse you? Can't tell a silly mid-on from a deep fine leg? Read on. BC Pires will take you by the hand and guide you

Caribbean bookshelf (January/February 2014)

Issue 125 (January/February 2014) | 0 comments
This month’s reading picks

Chelsea Tuach surfs the Soup Bowl. Photograph by Mark Harris

Chelsea Tuach: “Get in the water – that’s the first thing anyone should do”

Issue 120 (March/April 2013) | 0 comments
Chelsea Tuach, the youngest ever champion surfer from Barbados, shares her favourite spots for riding the waves, meeting her friends

Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Road Rage – Bajan Style

Issue 109 (May/June 2011) | 0 comments
BC Pires on life in the slow lane

The table that won `best display` at the Blue Food festival, showing pastries, cakes, cookies and a liqueur. Photograph by Oswin Browne

Out of the blue

Issue 102 (March/April 2010) | 0 comments
Dasheen, known as “blue food”, is a stolid root vegetable – except in the hands of Tobago’s cunning cooks at the Blue Food Festival

Dancing To A Single “Dub” Beat

Issue 2 (Summer 1992) | 0 comments
"Soca dub" music is bridging the gap between Trinidad's soca and Jamaica's reggae