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Book Buzz (March/April 2005)

Issue 72 (March/April 2005) | 0 comments
The Prodigal shows Derek Walcott at the height of his poetic powers; Lorna Goodison's stories in Fool-Fool Rose is Leaving Labour-in-Vain Savannah know the truth about love and life; Duty struggles with freedom in Lakshmi Persaud's new novel, Raise the Lanterns High

Ice cream dreams

Issue 68 (July/August 2004) | 0 comments
A special section on some favourite Caribbean temptations

Not (Banana) Bread Alone

Issue 67 (May/June 2004) | 0 comments
Anu Lakhan rhapsodies over baked goods

Cooking from the heart

Issue 66 (March/April 2004) | 0 comments
The message of food is immediate, says Anu Lakhan; a meal always conveys the emotions of the person who’s prepared it. So always cook from the heart

A pelau of her own

Issue 65 (January/February 2004) | 0 comments
Pelau = rice + meat + pigeon peas, right? Not if Anu Lakhan has her way. A plea for pea-free pelau

The Feast Must Go On

Issue 64 (November/December 2003) | 0 comments
In the Caribbean, no holiday is complete without mountains of food


New and Recent Books about the Caribbean (September/October 2002)

Issue 57 (September/October 2002) | 0 comments
The latest books from and about the Caribbean


Bookshelf (May/June 2002)

Issue 55 (May/June 2002) | 0 comments
New and recent books about the Caribbean

It starts with a cookie

Issue 125 (January/February 2014) | 0 comments
There are people who don’t like to eat in public — a problem Anu Lakhan doesn’t share

Defining the boundary

News & Online Exclusives | 0 comments
Anu Lakhan on A Nation Imagined, by Hilary McD. Beckles; The West Indies in India: Jeffrey Stollmeyer’s Diary, 1948–1949; and more