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Dominica’s Trafalgar Falls, a popular attraction for visitors, before Hurricane Maria. Photo by Paul Crask

What follows the storm in Dominica | Green

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica’s houses, businesses, and infrastructure. But the storm also took a toll on the Nature Isle’s forests and wildlife — a major blow for an economy that depends on eco-tourism. Paul Crask reports.

1. Paintings by Baptiste Jonas on display in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo

Art in the open | Round trip

Year-round, across the Caribbean, you can experience art in the street, in public spaces, out in the open — no need to buy a museum ticket. Here are murals, monuments, and even an impromptu art gallery in Port-au-Prince.

Photo by cdwheatley/

Gustavia, St Barthélemy | Neighbourhood

The picturesque capital of St Barts took a beating during Hurricane Irma — but was soon ready to welcome visitors again, to enjoy its Gallic charms with a Scandinavian twist.

Shoreline canter on horseback. Photo by

Escape to Tobago | Destination

Even at the height of Carnival season, Trinidad’s sister island maintains its laid-back, tranquil vibe. Need to escape from the fetes and frenzy? Welcome to Tobago’s beaches and bays, forests and waterfalls — a natural vitamin shot for the soul.

Tobago-born actor Winston Duke. Photo by Kwaku Alston

Winston Duke: “I’m unfinished” | Own words

Tobago-born actor Winston Duke, appearing in the eagerly awaited Black Panther movie, on his love of stories and magical realism, how his village childhood shaped his ethos, and his love of soca music — as told to Caroline Taylor.

Moko jumbies from the Touch D Sky group join the Canboulay Riots 
re-enactment at Piccadilly Greens on the Friday before Carnival. Photo by Maria Nunes

Walk tall, moko jumbie | Closeup

It’s one of the oldest masquerades in T&T’s Carnival, brought across the Atlantic from West Africa. The moko jumbie tradition once seemed to be dying away, but in recent years a handful of enthusiasts have created a moko jumbie revival, training hundreds of young people in the art of stilt-walking. Ray Funk investigates, and explains the power of these towering figures.


Screenshots (January/February 2018) | Film Reviews

This month’s film-watching picks.

The Light in Paint: 50 Years of Watercolours

Bookshelf (January/February 2018) | Book Reviews

This month’s reading picks in our books column.

Jamaican taekwondo champ Akino Lindsay. Photo by Nickii Kane

Akino Lindsay: superhero moves | The game

Inspired since childhood by the Power Rangers TV show, Jamaican taekwondo champ Akino Lindsay uses martial arts to change his life and inspire other young people in Kingston’s toughest communities, writes Kellie Magnus.

Desperadoes, 2016 Panorama champions, rehearsing for the finals. Photo by Maria Nunes

Word of mouth (January/February 2018)

It’s Carnival time! Come on a panyard lime with Barbara Jenkins, experience the thrilling, shape-shifting ritual of J’Ouvert in a poem by Shivanee Ramlochan, and discover Carriacou’s unique Shakespeare mas. Meanwhile, Jamaica celebrates its musical heritage at Reggae Month.