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Photograph by Shirley Bahadur (Digitally altered by MEP to place sign in background)

The doubles life of George X

Cedriann J Martin records a day in the life of a T&T doubles vendor – and explains her famous brand name .

Jesse Seligman. Illustration by Tracey Johnson

The doomed flight of Jesse Seligman

James Ferguson recalls the tragic pioneer who brought the air age to the region .

Buju Banton. Photograph by Jonathan Mannion

Buju Banton: brother behind bars

Garry Steckles is horrified at the plight of dancehall star Buju Banton.

Taymer Mason. Photograph by Jacky Gotin

My vegetable love

Going vegetarian is a healthy choice that’s easier – and tastier – than you think, explains Franka Philip.

CD Reviews (November/December 2011)

CD Reviews (November/December 2011)

The new music that is reflecting the region right now.

Book Reviews (November/December 2011)

Book Reviews (November/December 2011)

The new books that are reflecting the region right now.

Corpus Christi celebrations at the cathedral circa 1970. Photograph courtesy the Cathedral archives

Saving the soul of the city

T&T’s historic Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is to be restored. Caroline Taylor records its past, present and plans for its future.

The peacock feathers which adorn the headdresses of the Masquerade troupe are symbolic conduits to the spirit world. Photograph by Richard Lyder

Carnival at Christmas in St. Kitts

Mediaeval strolling mummers, French quadrilles and African rhythms…Simon Lee encounters the unique cultural traditions of St Kitts.

Floyde’s Pelican Bar has long been a welcome refuge for those seeking a cool drink off Jamaica’s southern coast. Photograph courtesy of Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours®

Set sail for the Pelican Bar

Ian Stalker reports from a Jamaican watering-hole that lives up to its name.

Stir-fried beef with vegetables and toasted coconut, on top of jasmine rice. Photograph by Jonathan Ali

Nyan Switi in Suriname

In the melting-pot of Paramaribo, you’ll find the flavours of the world. Jonathan Ali sampled almost all of them.