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Buddie Miller. Photograph by James Fuller

Buddie Miller: hunter captured by the game

It’s open season, and Buddie Miller is heading into the forests of Trinidad with his shotgun. James Fuller finds out why Miller is wild about hunting.

Bernadette Bedard. Photograph courtesy Passion Fruit Designs

Bernadette Bedard: swimwear that sizzles

Crystals and a Carnival influence are the winning combination in Bernadette Bedard’s swimsuit designs.

Gil Figaro and Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to Uganda Patrick Edwards during the Sunshine Awards reception in Uganda. Photograph courtesy The Sunshine Awards

The forecast is Sunshine: New York’s Sunshine Awards

Caribbean musicians are honoured in an annual ceremony that brings a ray of light into a New York autumn: the Sunshine Awards.

Alison Antrobus. Photograph courtesy The Spanish Court Hotel/Fanz Marzouca

The Antrobus: top-drawer design

The problem: a bag that can hold all your stuff – but so that you can still find it. The answer? It’s in the Antrobus bag..

CaRiMi members Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mickael Guirand in St Maarten. Photograph by Judy H Fitzpatrick

CaRiMi: hip hop from Haiti

Though musical trio CaRiMi have made it big in the US, their music still captures the struggles of their homeland.

Ramnaresh Sarwan cuts for runs during his innings of 35 vs Sri Lanka at the Queen`s Park Oval, Trinidad. April 2008. Photograph Iossjr

Ramnaresh Sarwan: a soft-spoken star

At home with his parents in Guyana, he’s just Ronnie. But put him on a cricket pitch and Ramnaresh Sarwan is a star.

John Paul Jones. Photograph by Time Life Pictures/Getty images

John Paul Jones: turning point in Tobago

John Paul Jones was a pirate and a murderer — who became a hero of the American Revolution. Debbie Jacob dug up the story of how his fortunes changed.

Canari building awareness of media and civil society organisations from the Caribbean at a workshop in Laborie, St Lucia. Photograph courtesy Annalise Bayney

Canari: yes, they can

Working behind the scenes, a little-known Trinidad-based environmental group has won a prestigious MacArthur award for its conservation efforts.

An interior view of e TecK's flagship building. Photograph courtesy e TecK

A stroll in the InTech park

Cars are banned, there’s a butterfly reserve in it – but this east Trinidad project is also on the cutting edge of science and green technology.

The Central Suriname Nature Reserve from the Voltzberg Dome. Photograph by Andy Isaacson

Suriname’s rainforest: journey to the back of beyond

Suriname’s vast, virgin rainforests are being carefully preserved. But a few hardy visitors venture into the heart of this wilderness.