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Cleopatra Borel-Brown. Photograph by Robert Taylor

Cleopatra Borel-Brown: giving it her best shot

Trinidadian shot-putter Cleopatra Borel-Brown speaks to James Fuller about her preparations for her third Olympic games .

Andrea De Silva. Photograph courtesy Andrea De Silva

Andrea de Silva: over the rainbow

Photographer Andrea De Silva is having a hard time selecting 150 images for her exhibition at the London High Commission....

The Jamaican contingent in Trevor Rhone’s Smile Orange at the Theatre Guild, Georgetown, 1972. Photograph courtesy Raschid Osman

Carifesta’s festival of the arts turns full circle

Carifesta returns to Guyana after the first festival was held there 36 years ago. Ruth Osman looks excitedly at what’s planned.

Mark Lyndersay

Late bloomers: Mark Lyndersay’s latest portraits

As he turns 50, photographer Mark Lyndersay sees dying flowers as a metaphor for ageing. James Fuller talks to him about his morbid art.

Stray Mongrels and White Negroes, 2006. Photograph courtesy Abigail Hadeed

Roberta Stoddart: painting from life

Sharon Millar speaks to Jamaican artist Roberta Stoddart and admires her ability to find beauty in the uncommon and forgotten.

Mickey Dread. Photograph by Candice Dixon

Love the Mikey Dread

David Katz looks back on the life of Jamaican producer Mikey Dread.

Bob at the Dynamic Sounds Studio in Jamaica, 1969. Photograph by On Wax/Ossie Hamilton

When we would cook cornmeal porridge

Caribbean Beat columnist Garry Steckles is the author of a new biography of Bob Marley. Read an edited excerpt....

The Concord Falls. Photograph by David Katz

Top 10 things to do in Grenada

From remote hot springs to Italian food on Grand Anse beach, Grenada provides unexpected activities for the fun-loving....

Simla, 2008. Photograph by Christopher Broadbridge

The view from Simla

Christopher Broadbridge climbs battlements and terraces to visit Simla, a tropical research centre hidden in the hills of Trinidad.

The Caroni swamp at dusk. Photograph courtesy The Trinidad And Tobago Film Company

Trinidad & Tobago: location, location, location

Trinidad and Tobago can offer the perfect backdrop for almost any feature film.