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Illustration by James Hackett

The Man Who Wanted to be a Horse

In search of true merengueismo, Simon Lee visits the Dominican Republic, and finds a kind of magical realism alive and kicking in the Caribbean.

Black glass wine and utility bottles dominated the 1700s, though some houses devised recipes for new colours. These specimens come from Guyana. Front row from left: Dutch mini “lady’s leg”, also called a “long neck”; small Belgian thin-walled flask, c1700; Dutch utility bottle, also called a “snuff”, late 1700s. Back row: two standard Dutch “lady‘s legs”. Photograph by Eric Young

Beauty in a bottle

What’s so fascinating about old bottles? Roxan Kinas explains the charms of these fragile artifacts.

Illustration by Marlon Griffith

On Caribbean national anthems

Garry Steckles wonders why Caribbean national anthems don’t swing to an island beat.

Poolside at the Crane, Barbados' s oldest resort hotel. Photograph by Chris Huxley

Barbados: Total Vacation

Barbados boasts it has something for everyone. Vaneisa Baksh tries to take it all in.

"Where did I leave my stilts?" Photograph by Stefan Falke

Catching the Carnival jumbie

Trinidad's Kilimanjaro School revives an old tradition and helps youngsters reach amazing heights.

Illustration by Russel Halfhide

Blue Mountain Coffee: Jamaica’s Treasure Brew

One of the world's most luxurious products is produced right here in the Caribbean. Robert Beers looks at the market for Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee.

Beat bytes: World Wide Wine-down-de-place

Beat bytes: World Wide Wine-down-de-place

Michael Goodwin prepares us for Trinidad and Tobago's carnival via popular websites.

Upbeat (January/February 2003)

Upbeat (January/February 2003)

New music from the Caribbean.

Book reviews (January/February 2003)

Book reviews (January/February 2003)

New and recent books about the Caribbean.

Front row, from left Robin Hunte and Emile Straker Back row, from left Chris Gibbs, Willie Kerr and Peter Roet. Photograph courtesy the Merry Men

Movers & Shakers (January/February 2003)

The Merrymen celebrate 40 years of music; Sam Mendes says farewell to London; the Santa Rosa School in Guyana gets more than they imagined; Trinidadian figurer skater sets sights on 2006 Winter Olympics glory; Peter Minshall wins an Emmy Award; Heather Headley goes R& B.