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Illustration by Marlon Griffith

Voodoo pig

An uninvited spirit possesses Simon Lee’s hut while he investigates a vaudou ceremony in Haiti.

Rose Hall Great House. Photograph courtesy Jamaica Tourist Board

Jamaican Gothic: The White Witch of Rosehall

James Ferguson on Herbert de Lisser’s still-popular historical potboiler The White Witch of Rosehall.

Photograph by Adrian Boot

Reggae Xplosion

A photographic tour of Jamaica’s new shrine to its most influential music form.

Freshly cracked cocoa pods. Photograph by Anton Modeste

Chocolat: Trinidad’s world-class chocolate

Some of the world’s finest cocoa is grown in Trinidad. Desirée Baptiste follows the path of the island’s beans from plantation to connoisseur’s palate.

Fr Gerry Pantin with Sr Ruth Montrichard. Photograph by Roberta Pankin, courtesy SERVOL

SERVOL: A miracle a day

During the 1970 upheaval in Trinidad, a Catholic priest and a West Indian cricketer ventured into dangerous territory to try to understand the source of frustration amoung urban youth. The organisation that eventually grew out of those trips has changed countless lives and won widespread acclaim. Donna Yawching explains.


New and Recent Books about the Caribbean (July/August 2002)

The latest books from and about the Caribbean.


New Music from the Caribbean (July/August 2002)

A roundup of new CDs from around the Caribbean.

Arya Dewarker Hindu Temple, Paramaribo. Photograph by Mark Meredith

Welcome to Suriname

BWIA’s newest destination is a crossroads for a staggering array of cultures, including African, Dutch, Amerindian, Indonesian and Indian, and an eco-traveller’s delight. Simon Lee provides the introductions.

Dinner time in the Islands

Trying to remember the dish that made your mouth water somewhere in the islands, and can't remember the name or how to make it? Michael Goodwin has the online solution.

Caribbean Datebook (July/August 2002)