Archive for September 1st, 1998

The Sun Worshippers: a history of Caribbean tourism

Jeremy Taylor looks at the history of tourism in the Caribbean.

Dancehall Queen

Chris Salewicz looks at Jamaica's dancehall divas, and Nazma Muller meets the hottest female dancehall artists.

Guyana on the Go

The Guyana economy is growing and the country is ready to move ahead. Mark Wilson looks at what Guyana has to offer..

Investing in Trinidad and Tobago

David Renwick's guide to doing business in Trinidad and Tobago.

Domestic Banking in the Caribbean

Domestic Banking in the Caribbean

Darrel Anderson describes a vision of banking in the future.

Offshore Banking

Who said that business and pleasure can’t mix? The islands of the Caribbean, known first and foremost as tourist destinations of sun, sea and sand, are nevertheless fast developing (or have developed) as international financial service centres of good repute. Nigel Bennett answers some of the basic questions about offshore banking, a fast-growing banking service in the Caribbean.

Island Beat (September/October 1998)

What's hot and happening in the islands.

Della Manley: A Thousand Fireflies

Annie Paul on Della Manley, the Jamaican singer whose startling first album Ashes on the Windowsill is no longer a secret.

Caribbean Bookshelf (September/October 1998)

New and recent books about the Caribbean .

The Fire This Time

James Ferguson discusses Jacque Roumain's Masters of the Dew, the most outstanding example of the Haitian peasant novel.