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Errol Hill: Carnival Professor

Errol Hill: Carnival Professor

The life and times of Errol Hill.

At Sea with the Caribs

Simon Lee sails with an 11-man Carib crew sails from Dominica to Trinidad.

Chef Hans Schweitzer

Barbados' award-winning chef.

Solar Power: Oliver’s Sun Traps

Barbados' Oliver Headley has dedicated a lifetime to developing viable applications of solar energy.



Byron Lee: Soca Dragon

Jamaican bandleader Byron Lee has had an enormous influence on Jamaica's music - not least by becoming a missionary for Trinidad soca and Carnival..

Wanted: Caribbean Film Investors with Imagination

Most film-makers still think of the Caribbean as a setting rather than a subject, and the region's own directors and producers remain obscure.

Winston Nanan and the Caroni Swamp

If Trinidad's Caroni Swamp is famous for its spectacular flocks of Scarlet Ibis; Winston Nanan is its champion.

Island Beat (January/February 1998)

Chronicling life round the islands. .

Upbeat (January/February 1998)

New Caribbean Music.