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Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 1997)

Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 1997)

New books for and about the Caribbean.

Bachacs: No Surrender

Mark Meredith confronts a terrible army of bachacs in his garden.

Upbeat (November/December 1997)

New Caribbean Music.

Caryl Phillips: Playing Away

Born in the Caribbean and shaped in England, Caryl Phillips has become one of the leading writers of his generation. A profile by James Ferguson.

Caribbean Food: Flavours of a People

Judette Coward talks to Anne-Marie Whittaker, an “accidental historian” documenting Caribbean food.

Amerindian Guyana

Guyana’s original settlers — the Amerindians — are struggling with the intrusions of the modern world. Janette Forte looks at their dilemma.

Upbeat (September/October 1997)

What's new in Caribbean Music.

You Live and Lime

Journalist Nazma Muller, exiled from Trinidad to Jamaica, learns to adjust.

St. Lucia Sea Fever

What a life... Chris Huxley in St. Lucia can’t decide whether to paraglide or windsurf, scuba or waterski.

Passing Cloud

An early, poignant short story by Sam Sevlon .