Archive for November 1st, 1996

Skywatching in Tobago

People who spend time there find something very special in its atmosphere and way of life, something peaceful and serene... .

Trinidad's Christmas music is parang (sung by paranderos), Spanish-style music that calls for fancy steps and swinging hips. Photograph by Noel Norton

Caribbean Christmas

Christmas is a big celebration in all the Caribbean islands, with plenty of partying, visiting and festivity. But each island celebrates uniquely.

A Very True Observer: Philip Henry Gosse

Mary Adam explores the life and work of Philip Henry Gosse: "the father of Jamaican ornithology".

You Must Help Him

In a land of competing cultures and peoples, how to create roots and idnetity, how to weld together conflicting visions? Earl Lovelace explores in an excerpt from "Salt".

The Chutney Phenomenon

The Indian Caribbean is making itself heard outside its own communities, especially in the lively idiom called chutney.

Philip Moore: It Takes a Village

Guyana's great sculptor Philip Moore has quietly created an astonishing body of transcendent art. A profile on this undervalued Caribbean artist.

Island Beat (November/December 1996)

News from around the islands .

Cinema Paradiso

Interactive film? You must be joking. The Caribbean has had that for years. Just go to the cinema in Trinidad and Tobago, for instance.