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Caribbean Bookshelf (Autumn 1993)

Caribbean Bookshelf (Autumn 1993)

Roundup of books of Caribbean interest.

Photograph by Gabriel Woodham

CARICOM at a Crossroads

Caricom – the Caribbean Community – was established 20 years ago. David Renwick asks what it has accomplished, and where it is going.

The 70- foot Mount Caramel waterfall. Photograph by Jim Rudin

Come Down to Grenada & Carriacou

Alister Hughes describes the pleasures of the Caribbean's spice isle, while Frances Kay relaxes on the sister island, Carriacou.

One day antennae like this will do the same from an orbit around the earth. Photograph Dr Seth Shostak/ Science Photo Library

Is There Anyone Out There?

If there is intelligent life somewhere out there, the world's largest radio telescope, among the mountains of Puerto Rico, will help find it.

The Scarlet Ibis is Trinidad's national bird, and is featured in the national coat of arms. Large flocks live in the Caroni swamp on the west coast for much of the year. Photograph by Dr. Russell Barrow

It’s All in the Mix: Trinidad & Tobago

Former British High Commisioner in Trinidad & Tobago, Sir Martin Berthoud, looks back at his years there to find out just why he enjoyed them so much.

Jamaican jerk from Boston Bay

This Little Piggie Went to Pork-Pit

Spicy Jamaican jerk food is spreading around the world; Garry Steckles visits his birthplace and explains how it's done.

No Eclipse for the Mighty Gabby

Debbie Jacob meets one of Barbados' top entertainers, Mighty Gabby.

Looking up over the middle levels of the garden to the swimming pool. Photograph by Felix Kerr

The Barbadian Beauty of Andromeda

Barbados' beautiful Andromeda Gardens, introduced by Dr. Henry Fraser and lovingly photographed by Felix Kerr.

The Slippers Man

The Slippers Man

Paul Keens-Douglas tries to economise in these hard times, but quickly meets his match.

Sailing in the Tobago Cays. Photo courtesy the Moorings

The Wind in Your Sails

You don't have to own a boat to taste the pleasures of sailing and racing in the Caribbean. Charter a yacht and sail into the sunset!.